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Your CV is the one thing that can make or break your job application.

If you’re struggling to find the right way to form your CV, here are some great words you can use to make you and your experience stand out from the crowd!


“Reacting to market conditions, I adapted our strategy gaining valuable market share from our key competitors”


“Having budgeted £200k, I implemented cost-cutting measures which resulted in actual spends coming in at 15% below estimates”


“I cultivated relationships with existing clients achieving a 35% increase in repeat business”


“I doubled employee productivity by implementing new time management procedures”


“Through customer research, I evaluated areas where our service could be improved”


“I formed a new user experience team with helped overcome existing bug issues”


“With my newly designed product on the shelves we generated 3m additional revenue within 3 months”


“I halved the amount of discarded stock by introducing a new discount range”


“After I redeveloped the training course material, the overall productivity of new employees improved significantly”


“I researched the market conditions and judged our product release accordingly”


“The advertising campaign I developed kindled our audiences’ interest and led to a dramatic increase in sales”


“I leveraged a new partnership and allowed the business to widen its target market”


“I maximised profits by encouraging staff to partake in point of sale up-selling”


“I negotiated a new contract with a key supplier which reduced costs by 16%”


“After just six months in the role I was promoted to a position with greater power and responsibility”


“I resolved a delicate issue with a client which resulted in the renewal of their contract”


“I successfully supervised a team of temporary workers who were brought in to cover a busy training period”


“I transformed an ageing product line with a modern and engaging range, which attracted new customers”


“I utilised new technology to streamline the production process, increasing output by 8%”


“After a series of successful campaigns we widened the gap between us and our competitors”


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Comvergent acquires T James (Telecoms) Ltd

Comvergent's Career Opportunities, Telecom & Recruitment News

Comvergent Holdings Ltd is very pleased to announce the acquisition of the entire share capital of T James (Telecoms) Ltd.

Chester-based Comvergent provides technical resources and services to the leading network operators and vendors, and Kettering-based T James (Telecoms) is a complementary technical service provider to the communications sector.

The deal brings together the complementary capabilities and geographic footprint of both businesses and significantly expands the Comvergent end-to-end customer offering.

In signing the deal, John Roberts (Chairman of Comvergent) said:

“T James (Telecoms) is a valuable addition to the group which meets our strategic growth plans. The acquisition extends Comvergent’s existing capabilities and strengthens the company’s end-to-end offering to customers.”

For T James (Telecoms) this is a major vote of confidence in the business and the growth they are experiencing. In welcoming the deal, Peter Oxtoby, MD of T James (Telecoms) said:

“I am delighted that we are joining the Comvergent group which will give us an excellent platform for achieving sustainable growth.”

Peter Oxtoby will continue in his role as MD of T James (Telecoms), and will also now sit on the board of Comvergent.

Comvergent were supported on the deal by Baker Tilly, Martin Kaye Solicitors LLP and HSBC Bank PLC.

T James (Telecoms) were supported by Chantrey Vellacott and Tollers LLP.

For any further questions, please contact Gareth Hughes, Commercial & Finance Director for Comvergent.

Comvergent have brand new roles across UK & Europe

Comvergent's Career Opportunities, Telecom & Recruitment News

Comvergent Ltd
are working on behalf of the largest multinational telecommunication companies in order to recruit experienced telecom professionals that are interested in furthering their career in challenging and fulfilling roles.

The opportunities awaiting telecom professionals with the right expertise are based across the UK, Ireland, Italy and Germany.

Once you find the role that requires your expertise and would be the perfect fit for you, click and apply – we will do the rest.

It really is that simple when working alongside Comvergent. If you don’t believe us, read what our candidates have to say…

“I would like to commend Comvergent on their efforts in keeping me informed of the proceedings and the care and interest they have shown in me. I can safely say that no other agency has displayed this kind of service in all my years in telecoms.”


“I’d have no hesitation in recommending Comvergent to any of my friends & colleagues past and present. I have dealt with other recruiters and agencies but the service Comvergent provides is above and beyond….”

Germany Roles

“Comvergent demonstrate great professionalism and expertise….Well done.”

Italy Roles

Do these exciting opportunities interest you? Of course they do! Apply today with your latest CV.

Connect to Comvergent Careers

Comvergent's Career Opportunities, Telecom & Recruitment News


Comvergent have exciting new telecom opportunities for those wanting to begin a new challenge in an amazing career. Interested? How could you not be!

Join our careers page on LinkedIn and be the first to know about our roles in and around Europe within the major telecom companies.

We hope to see you in the group!


Mastering a Skype Interview

Comvergent's Career Opportunities, Interview Advice

Don’t be surprised if your next job interview request is to be conducted over the Internet using Skype.

Given the amount of qualifying applicants for each job posting, more employers are finding that hosting interviews with candidates over Skype is the most efficient way in helping to filter it down to the best-fitting candidates.

Employers can essentially see and hear you as they would if you were in person, but for you, the job candidate, it may require some additional preparation.

Getting it all to work

The last thing you need right before the interview is a technical problem. The night before and even the hours leading up to the interview, test everything to ensure its functioning. The application may also run more efficiently with other applications closed on your computer.

Checking your view

Your appearance over the computer is as important as your appearance in person. This also includes your surroundings. Make sure there are no distractions to the side or behind you. If you have a window or light directly behind you, make adjustments so that it’s not difficult on the eye for the opposite end.

You also want to make eye contact during the interview, so adjust your camera to the level that offers optimal eye contact.

The video quality will also be better if you stick to wearing a solid colored shirt and reduce sweeping movements with your head and hands.

Paying attention to sound

Ensure that there are no noise distractions during your interview, like the phone ringing, the dog barking or the baby crying. Also, drink plenty of water before your interview for a clear throat. And remember to exhibit passion and excitement in your speech and tone for greater impact.

Finally, prepare, prepare, and prepare for the interview as you would if it were an interview in person. Do your research in advance and come to the interview feeling confident for your chance at the next round of interviews, potentially at the employer’s office.

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Comvergent are seeking high quality candidates for open jobs in Ireland

Comvergent's Career Opportunities, Telecom & Recruitment News

Our client, a leading multinational telecommunications company, is looking for experienced candidates to fill a number of their open positions available now.

Take a look at the range of career opportunities we have in the Telecoms sector.