Hello Project Fi: 9 things to know about Google’s new mobile network

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Google has launched its very own mobile network in the US.

The company has partnered with some of the biggest carriers and developed new technology, all of which will ensure you’re always and automatically connected to the internet whether through LTE networks or Wi-Fi hotspots. Google has packaged this initiative as a new program called Project Fi. They explain:

“Similar to our Nexus hardware program, Project Fi enables us to work in close partnership with leading carriers, hardware makers, and all of you to push the boundaries of what’s possible. By designing across hardware, software and connectivity, we can more fully explore new ways for people to connect and communicate,”

In order to help you learn more about Google’s mobile network we have explained the basics.

What is Project Fi?

Project Fi is all about keeping you connected to the internet. It intelligently determines if you’re moving around and automatically connects you to the nearest and fastest network, such as a free and open Wi-Fi hotspot or a partner 4G LTE network. Project Fi also helps secure your data through encryption, so you can browse safely as you go about your day.

Which networks are partners?

Sprint and T-Mobile in the US have partnered with Google to launch Project Fi.

What else can Project Fi do?

Switching between LTE and Wi-Fi networks.

Project Fi is also about getting technology out of the way. You should be able to communicate with friends or family, for instance, no matter the connection or device you’re using. Project Fi is able to seamlessly transition your calls from Wi-Fi to cell networks without ever dropping your conversation.

So, with Project Fi, if your phone is connected to W-Fi in a coffee shop, you’ll be able to communicate with no problems, and whenever you happen to leave that Wi-Fi area, your phone will automatically transition to a cell network.

Cloud phone numbers

Google said it also wants Project Fi to help phone numbers adapt to a multi-screen world, so it’s included a feature that puts your phone number in the cloud. With this setup, you can talk and text with your number on any phone, tablet, or laptop, meaning you can stay connected using another screen. Just imagine losing your phone, but then grabbing your laptop to place a call instead.

How much does Project Fi cost?

Project Fi is available with the following plan and data options:

$20 per month for the basics (talk, text, Wi-Fi tethering, and international coverage in 120+ countries)

$10 per GB for cellular data while in the US and abroad (1GB is $10/month, 2GB is $20/month, etc)

It is hard to predict data usage, so Google said you’ll get credit for the full value of your unused data. So, if you paid $30 for 3GB and only use 1.4GB one month, you’ll get $16 back.

Is Google offering tech support?

Yes. When you purchase the single plan option for $20 per month, you’ll also get 24/7 support for when or if you need help.

When and where will Project Fi be available?

Project Fi is initially available in the US through an Early Access Program, in which Google is inviting people to sign up for the service.

How can you request an invite to try Project Fi?

If you’d like to request an invite, go to fi.google.com.

What happens when you dial 404-978-9316?

If you call the number displayed on Project Fi’s Experience page, somebody will pick up; but not just anybody. It’s Lionel Richie, singing “Hello“.


The Smartphone Battle Ensues…Who Are You Rooting For?

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Huawei, Nokia, EE, Google, Carphone Warehouse and Facebook are all staging a mobile comeback.


Huawei has officially stated it wants to grow smartphone shipments to 100 million units in 2015, up from 75 million last year.

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In 2013, Microsoft bought Nokia’s mobile division for £4.8 billion. The Nokia Technologies group continued work on new projects involving mobiles, tablets and virtual reality devices.

This first project was revealed late last year as the Nokia N1, the tablet that is now available in China – manufactured and distributed by a local company. Reports say Nokia plans to create a similar business model for the smartphone coming in 2016, allowing manufacturers to use the Nokia brand, patents and designs in return for a cut of the sales.

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New EE handsets

EE has unveiled their new own-brand phones.

The Harrier and Harrier Mini will go on sale on 28th April, with the network set to offer the cheapest phone with WiFi calling capabilities in the UK.

The feature, which enables users to make phone calls using a WiFi network when they have no signal, has already been launched for iPhone users but the Harrier Mini will also carry it and costs less than £100.

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Google already manages the majority of the operating systems we use, but the company now wants control of your network provider.

The mobile network named Project Fi, will only be available to Nexus 6 owners in the States for the moment.

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The mobile phone retailer has announced the launch of its own mobile network.

The mobile phone retailer will operate iD on the Three network when it launches in May.

Announcing the network’s launch, the retailer outlined plans to solve three key customer issues, including the use of capped plans, flexible roaming plans and value for money on 12 month 4G contracts

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For Facebook, the move to expand past its core social network stems from its aim to become the go-to service of mobile app developers and users.

But Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook’s CEO, wants the company to focus even more on mobile devices.

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It seems everybody wants a slice of the mobile action! Who do you think will come out on top?

Treat your CV to a Well Needed Makeover

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Have you been out of the ‘job seeking’ game for a while? Are you motivated to take the next step in your career? Maybe you have gained significant experience since your last job interview?

Don’t fall at the last hurdle with an outdated CV. Before you show your employer how perfect you are for a role, dust off your writing skills and treat your CV to a makeover!

It’s All About the Experience…

Your new resume’s strong point should be experience rather than education. Job candidates with two to five years of experience should place their job experience first in their resume.

Concentrate on the Skills…

Focus on what you can do for the employer and not what you want to do, period. You may have begun your old CV with a career objective but you are now an experienced professional with a greater insight into what you can do for the specific employer so highlight that.

The Proof is in the Accomplishments…

If you boasted about your responsibilities as a University student or you organised an event 10 years ago, it is time to polish the bragging rights and replace those by quantifiable achievements you have directly achieved from your previous employment.

Always bring it back to the Job at Hand…

Do not list hobbies or interests that are not relevant to your industry or the role you are interviewing for. Did you work as a volunteer professionally? Did you work for certifications in your own time? List these in your CV instead of hobbies that are not beneficial to the role.

Dusting off the resume cobwebs and the old fashioned terms will help you get ready for a new challenge in your career.

After following these instructions, your CV will be looking very attractive to your future employer!

BT Mobile Network Could Launch This Week

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BT‘s long-awaited re-entry into the mobile network market is to take place this week, according to a report from The Telegraph.

Expected to be revealed on Wednesday 25th March, the service will simply be called BT Mobile, and will be offered first to BT’s 7.6 million broadband customers.

BT Mobile will act as an MVNO, using network space owned by EE, following BT’s 12.5 billion buyout of the network which was finalised last month.

Unlike Vodafone and O2, BT is expected to offer SIM-only deals rather than entering the business of handset contracts.

Though BT Mobile is expected to launch this week, the telecoms giant is likely to wait and make a bigger impression with the use of marketing around the Premier League football season. It is expected that this is when the network will aggressively promote mobile bundle deals.